We believe God has called us to a 5×5 Vision for Baltimore in bringing about TRANSFORMED Lives and TRANSFORMED Communities leading to a TRANSFORMED City

The 5×5 Vision includes the following …

• Infiltrate 5 Strategic Communities of Baltimore
• Target 5 Major Issues
• Focus on 5 Areas of each individual life
• Implement a 5 fold strategy
• Seek 5 Outcomes

5 Communities

Our Vision is to infiltrate 5 strategic communities that represent the southern area of Baltimore and includes some of the most impoverished and under-resourced areas of our city.

5 Issues

Our Vision is to come alongside of lives with a Christ centered approach and help them overcome the big giants of poverty, addiction, poor education, unemployment, and family and social dysfunction.

5 Areas of Focus

Our Vision will focus on five critical areas of each individual life. We will focus on the Spiritual Condition Of The Soul (Salvation/Spiritual Health), the Intellectual Development Of The Mind (Education), the Emotional State Of The Heart (Emotional Health), the Physical needs Of The Body (Health/Hunger), and the Social Issues of their environment (Social Justice)

5 Point Strategy

Our Vision will be strategized around Isaiah 58:12 where it says … “And your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt; you shall raise up the foundations of many generations; you shall be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of streets to dwell in.” While bringing RELIEF … We will REBUILD lives by RASING them UP to a new foundation on Christ as their broken lives are being REPAIRED that will ultimately lead to personal transformation and community transformation by their newly RESTORED lives as a catalyst of restoration.

5 Desired Outcomes

Our Vision will lead to a day when TRANSFORMED lives are able to rise above the obstacles of poverty, drugs, poor education, unemployment, social dysfunction and spiritual depravity. We envision a day when multitudes of people are connected to God, freed from addictions, recipients of a quality education, gainfully employed living in the context of a healthy family and community that become vehicles of TRANSFORMATION inside each of these targeted communities of Baltimore.

We believe that the vision for The Transformation Center will become reality through the following vehicles:

A Church

Our church will function as the core of the Transformation Center. We will see everything that we do at the center as a ministry of the church. Believing that God’s call to His church is to minister to the holistic needs of every person, we believe that the church is primarily responsible to see that the entire person is ministered to. As noted in James 2, “If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food, and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, be warmed and filled,” without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is that?”

Our church ministry will primarily focus on the Spiritual needs of all the people we connect to through various ministries at the center and seek ways to include an opportunity to share the good news of Christ with those to whom we minister. It will be the mission of the church to connect people to God. We desire to “connect people” to God’s Son (salvation), God’s Heart (discipleship), God’s Church (ministry), and God’s Mission (mission). We clearly understand and embrace the truth that every person’s greatest need is forgiveness and a restored relationship with God through the saving grace of His Son, Jesus Christ.

An Educational Center/School

Our dream is to provide a Christian School in the Brooklyn that would span the elementary grades. In January of 2010 we launched the Streetlite Christian Child Development Center (CDC) as a way to begin the journey of the vision for full range Christian school. We currently are full to capacity and have a waiting list that extends into 2016. The elementary school would be a natural outgrowth of our CDC. Realizing that addressing the educational issues from a Christian perspective would be incredibly influential and life changing and would remove a common “road block” to many lives in the area of education. We desire to be the first fully graded Christian school in southern region of Baltimore city.

In addition to the school we would offer after-school programs for the targeted areas to include tutoring, special needs, GED, computer training, and similar educationally based programs.

An Addiction Center

As an extension to our current recovery ministries, we envision the development of a more comprehensive addiction rehabilitation ministry. We dream of providing a 24-hour intervention ministry that will walk a person through the process of recovery, step by step. In today’s world, a full gamut of addictive behaviors exists among people. We desire to present a holistic approach where someone can literally show up at anytime, dealing with any matter of addiction, and discover through our addiction center a clear pathway to hope and healing through Christ.

In addition to a recovery focused ministry, we also want to provide preventative-based ministries that can focus on getting into people’s lives prior to an addictive behavior developing and help prevent the choice of addiction.

A Food & Clothing Distribution Center

Hunger is a major issue in our city. We believe that there’s no shortage of food, it’s actually a matter of food distribution. In a city like Baltimore where the poverty level hovers around 20%, we want to be on the forefront of insuring that people not only have food but also the opportunity to have well balanced meals. We envision a place where excess food can be stored and redistributed to the community. We would also establish a feeding ministry that would prepare and serve hot meals at our location.

We also envision a mobile expression of food distribution where we can transport food out into the community on a regular basis.

A Vocational Training Center

Vocational training is a big need in our city. Whether unemployed or under-employed, are sometimes challenged by issues like education, economics, self-esteem, hardships, addictions, etc. We envision a place where career assessment and job training can be offered to individuals with the hope of placing them in a career that matches their skills and abilities.

We intend to offer several on-site job opportunities through our various ministries and ministry-sponsored business at the transformation center and in the community.

A Family Restoration Center

Obviously, the greatest attack upon our culture is in relation to the family. As Tony Evans once said in a Promise Keepers message, “If you get a messed up man, you get a messed up marriage. If you get a messed up marriage, you get a messed up family. If you get a messed up family, you get a messed up neighborhood. If you get a messed up neighborhood, you get a messed up city. If you get a messed up city, you get a messed up country.”

We envision a family restoration center that will bring Christ-centered restoration to the shattered family. We will seek to address issues related to men and women, to marriages, to children, to foster care/adoption, mental health, co-dependence, communication problems, domestic violence, anger, divorce, infidelity, inability to manage or resolve conflict, financial difficulties, step-families, sexual abuse, teen issues, etc. Our hope is to provide holistic counseling and ministry to the family that would lead to restoration and hope through Christ.

A Social Justice Center

Psalm 82: 3-4 says ”Give justice to the weak and the fatherless; maintain the right of the afflicted and the destitute. Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.” Among the many social injustices that exist today, human trafficking is one of the largest of our day. Trafficking in humans generates profits in excess of 32 billion dollars a year for those who, by force and deception, sell human lives into slavery and sexual bondage. Nearly 2 million children are exploited in the commercial sex industry. In our city we also deal with gang related issues. There are 45 identifiable gangs in our city. Human trafficking and gang violence, along with other social issues in our city, present to us the opportunity where we envision a place for those who are victims of any social injustice would be able to find rescue and temporary shelter as well as a “hope and a future” through the social justice ministry.

A Recreation & Sports Outreach Center

One of the greatest tools in the city for gathering people from all walks of life onto a common platform is sports. We envision developing a state-of-the-art athletic program that can provide the right environment for engaging children, youth, and adults recreationally with the hope of connecting them to God and each other through physical activity. We envision a comprehensive athletic program that is age-specific with the hope of providing a positive choice for many of our urban children, teens, and adults when it comes to using their idle time.

A Medical Center

In hopes of addressing some of the medical concerns of the impoverished communities, we envision both an in-house and mobile medical unit that can administer level one medical procedure in hopes of addressing basic concerns of health and well being. Our desire is to outfit a base unit at the center and vehicles that can be mobilized into the communities.

An Arts and Media Center

With the tools of music, art, dance, theatre, and media, we envision developing an Arts and Media center that will teach children and youth the skills and disciplines associated with the respective areas. We will seek to develop the artist within each person through gifted teachers who will invest time by teaching lessons, leading choral groups, teaching dance and acting, as well as instrumental instruction and media training and production. We also envision students putting on productions at the center and in the communities.